Proposed Map Amendments

Commercial Zone

Proposed amendments to the Commercial Zone are the removal of the restrictive Central Business District (CBD) overlay zone currently existing. The purpose is to allow opportunities to create a Town Center that serves as a social magnet for residents and visitors to walk, shop, dine live and interact.

        Existing Zoning Map (Green = CBD...Yellow Commercial)

        Proposed Zoning Map

Creation of a Transition 2+ Acre Zone (PTR-2+)

The intent of the Transition 2+ Acre Zone is to take non-conforming "RDT" (25 Acre Zone) properties of less than 25 acres and create a transitional zone that fills a niche currently being addressed by the development incursion in the surrounding Agricultural Reserve and allows for reasonable development on parcels too large for normal residential use and too small for most agricultural related endeavors.

        Existing Zoning Map of proposed area (Purple = RDT)

        Proposed Zoning Map (Blue PTR-2+)